Summer 2007 10,000km trip from Greece to Polar Circle
1.7.2006 - 31.8.2007

Petr & Míša Havlíčkovi, upman family


10,000 km trip from South to NorhIn 2007 we decided, together with Misa, to use our new car as a transport option for the road trip from Greece to Norway, +10 thousands kilometers distance. We had about 3 months to accomplish this plan with main objectives: kitesurfing, rock climbing, bike downhill and traveling, see whales and feel the Polar Circle 6-months day. Except time on the road the trip was amazing but we found that for us is still better option to use backpacks then car to explore new countries.

Greece/Lefkas was a bit disappointment RE kitesurfing, wind jut few hours per day and too hot weather. On the other hands we met lots of friends there from the Czech Republic and visited Meteora so it was worth of it. Italy with Lago di Garda was great 'manana' place as always, visiting Milos and his x-centrum and kiting on the lake with rocks surroundings. Climbing in Frankenjura was also great but too short due to the transfer to Denmark.

And Denmark, a kiter's paradis was awesome, stable wind, small to monster waves and nice weather. We surfed almost every spot from west-south to west-north, enjoying different conditions at each location. It's a place to come back for sure.

From Denmark we wen by boat to Norway starting 6,000 km trip to Vesfalen Islands to see whales. And we did it. We've seen the biggest fish ever and we've seen lot's of others animals, met locals and understood a bit of Norway lifestyle.

Our 1999 Peugot Van did the whole trip without any malfunction; only 1 liter of oil was needed to make the engine happy.

Greece 2007

Italy 2007
Germany 2007
Denmark 2007
Norway 2007

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